Professional Standards

Ethics Complaints, Arbitration Requests and Related Information

REALTORS are different from non-member licensees in that they voluntarily subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics. If you believe that a REALTOR has violated one or more Articles of the Code of Ethics, you can file an ethics complaint alleging a violation(s) through the Athens County Board of REALTORS where the REALTOR holds membership, and participates in a REALTOR association-owned/operated MLS.

You may search for a member's local affiliation here.

In addition, REALTORS agree as a condition of membership to arbitrate contractual disputes and specific non-contractual disputes as provided for in Article 17 of the NAR Code of Ethics.

CLICK HERE for several resources, and forms to file complaints, to help you understand what filing and processing an ethics complaint and arbitration request entails, and the general process you can expect when filing an ethics complaint or arbitration request with the Athens County Board of REALTORS.

Before You File an Ethics Complaint This brochure explains alternatives to consider before filing an ethics complaint, including ombudsman services, as well as what to expect after filing a complaint.

What is the Ombudsman Program?

The Ombudsman program is informal telephone mediation. In some cases, the Ombudsman can address and solve minor complaints from the public, as well as solve inter-Realtor conflicts before they become serious problems.  The Ombudsman helps parties find solutions.

The Ombudsman Program is available to Athens County Board of REALTORS members, their clients and customers.

Code of Ethics Training for REALTOR Members

CLICK HERE for Code of Ethics Training for New and Current Existing REALTOR Members.